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February News

I’ve been in Uruguay for more than a month now, and it’s been the perfect place for me to finish up my next Bailey Weggins mystery, which will be out this fall. For some reason I’ve never understood, it’s easier for me to write when the weather is hot. My wonderful editor sent her notes […]

This New Year’s Eve I tried something totally different.

I took an 11:30 p.m. plane to Montevideo, Uruguay, where I’m spending the next couple of months with my husband. No balloons, no hats, no noisemakers, no Kathy Griffin, and that was just fine for me. (The beautiful photo shows the view from my deck at our house in the small town of Las Flores.) […]

What I’m Up to this December

Is it cold yet in your neck of the woods? Right now I’m in Uruguay, where it’s in the high 70s to low 80s. Delightful! In the New York City area, winter showed up gangbuster style right before Thanksgiving. Just two weeks earlier, my husband and I ate lunch al fresco at our home in […]

My November Plans Are a Little Unusual

About seven years ago, my husband and I did something really crazy—we bought a house in Uruguay, with the idea of gradually spending most of the winter there (south of Brazil and east of Argentina). I grew up in New York State, where it’s beyond cold in the winter, and as I walked to school […]

I’d love to share some news with you

I always find this time of year to be so bittersweet. Fall’s coming and summer is almost over. On the sweet side is anticipating the little thrill that comes when the weather turns crisp and you put on your fall boots for the first time or climb into bed in a new pair of flannel […]

Are You Following Your Own Advice?

One of my favorite experiences as an author is being invited to library conferences. It’s a chance to meet fans, connect with the wonderful librarians who support your work, and see a part of the country you may not have set eyes on before. And it’s also an opportunity to meet other authors, which never […]

Are You Stalled? Keep reading

When I worked for a fashion magazine in my early thirties, I had an attractive female boss who arrived at the office every day wearing full makeup, except for any mascara. The result was that her face always looked slightly unfinished. Since she wore eye shadow and liner, it seemed clear she didn’t suffer from […]

How to Find a Little Calm on Crazy Days

Virginia Wolfe once wrote that every female writer should have a room of her own, a place to create without being disturbed. I consider myself incredibly lucky because I have a room like that, a home office that belongs just to me. It’s serene, has all my reference books (like Practical Homicide Investigation!) within reach, […]

Do You Know When to Trust Your Gut?

One of the things I’ve always been obsessed with is developing a golden gut. To me that’s the ability to read situations extremely well, perhaps spotting aspects that are unseen to others, and then making a brilliant decision based on your observation. I would say that at this stage of the game my gut is […]

Could a Little More Delegating Make Your Life a Lot Easier?

Even if you consider yourself to be a pretty good delegator, you may not be handing off as much as possible. Unloading something you shouldn’t be doing—or just plain wish you weren’t doing–can be both a huge relief and time saver. It will give you the freedom to tackle key activities (either professional or personal) […]