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Getting Started with Linda Fairstein

Linda Fairstein is the author of an internationally bestselling series of crime novels (translated into more than a dozen languages), which feature Manhattan prosecutor Alexandra Cooper: Final Jeopardy (1996), Likely to Die (1997), Cold Hit(1999), The Deadhouse (2001) (winner of The Nero Award for literary excellence in the crime genre), The Bone Vault (2003), The Kills (2004),Entombed (2005), Death Dance (2006), Bad Blood (2007), Killer Heat (2008) and Lethal Legacy (2009). They have debuted on the The New York TimesThe Wall Street JournalThe London Times, andUSA Today‘s bestseller list. Final Jeopardy was an ABC Premiere Movie of the Week.


One of the most difficult parts about writing I find (and I know many other writers would agree) is returning to your pages after you’ve been away from them. And I’m not talking about being away for days or weeks. I’m talking about starting in again the very next day. I find myself doing stupid things like defuzzing my sweaters to avoid facing my computer. It can be so damn hard to get started. So I asked Linda Fairstein, former prosecutor and bestselling crime novelist (her next Alex Cooper thriller, Hell Gate, is due out in March), for her advice on how to make the getting started process easier.


A great trick I use is borrowed from Hemingway. He said that when you’re finishing up for the day, stop in the middle of a great scene or towards the end rather than pushing through to the end of that scene. It’s so much easier to come back the next day to a scene that you’re enjoying writing than to have to start a brand new one.